Astrologer in Pune
Astrologer in Pune
Astrologer in Pune Astrologer in Pune Astrologer in Pune Astrologer in Pune Astrologer in Pune

About Shri Vikas Vijay Khopade (Deshmukh)

Shri Vikas Khopade (Deshmukh) is exponents of 360 degree consulting based on Jyotish Shastra in Pune. He is an expert practitioner, celebrated speaker. He has been consulting individuals and businesses for over 20 years. His advice has influenced over 1500 lives and hundreds of businesses.

Best Astrologer in Pune

Shri Vikas Khopade (Deshmukh) enjoys reading the religious and spiritual texts and derives inspiration from these ancient sciences. He is a keen student of astrology, a well-read scholar and a practicing Jyotish. Along with astrology, he also indulges in numerology, palmistry, horoscope matching and more.

Shri Vikas Khopade (Deshmukh) believes in aiding people in whichever way one can. He runs an organization ‘Vikas Manch Sanstha’ that undertakes several social services. Also he conducts regular ‘Agnihotra’ for different Nakshatras.

Why Shri Vikas Khopade (Deshmukh)?

His services are based on his passion for this science along with 20 years of experience and an extensive knowledge. He is amongst the respected astrology practitioners in Pune because of his:

The Consultation

Astrologer in Pune

In order to consult Shri Vikas Khopade (Deshmukh), you need to simply book an appointment. Shri Vikas Khopade constantly strives to make his clients feel comfortable by enabling a frank and transparent dialogue without expecting the client to leave his/ her personal space.

Shri Vikas Khopade: The Guiding Light

Shri Vikas Khopade (Deshmukh) believes that, solutions to the issues that concern his clients are his primary objective, therefore he provides:

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Shri Vikas Vijay Khopade

Shrinivas Apt. 555
Ghorpade Peth, Shivaji Road
Pune 411042
Mobile No.:- +91 - 99 60 05 5726
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